"There is nothing more rewarding to me than to get a horse to the bit, properly flexed on a circle, at a sitting trot. A championship at an "A" horse show means no more."
-George Morris


Even though Carole has always held a reputation for producing such quality horses and great combinations in the arena over the years, it has been through my time more recently spent with her one on one discovering her true talent as an instructor. Her passion and devotion to quality riding and learning the mechanics of technique step by step through great instruction is what truly separates her from the average show barn. She has the patience and skill to make any horse and rider better, no matter their faults, and spends time with those not just looking to compete in the ring but better themselves as horseman through horsemanship and creative riding. I personally utilize Carole’s talent and appreciation for the “different” rider to better myself with my own training and showing endeavors by transferring my technique in the saddle to behind a horse in the cart. Her style of training has allowed me to do that as well as better myself breaking my own youngsters and learning to have a better more appreciative eye with every horse I see and work with.        

-Emily Buck

It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation letter for Ms. Carole Watkins.  I have been taking lessons from Ms. Watkins for the past sixteen months.  Carole is a phenomenal horsewoman.  Her talents and expertise far exceeded anything I could have possibly imagined when I began my lessons.  Carole has a true talent of observation, in that when she is working with horses and /or riders, she sees it all.  Carole’s knowledge coupled with her keen eye and sixth sense of horse behavior makes her the perfect instructor / trainer.  Carole has excellent communication skills in regards to teaching.  She also knows when to push and when to let up, always expecting the best and the most from her students.

-Heidi Alechko

I highly recommend Carole Watkins.  I have known Carole for more than twenty years both personally and professionally and witnessed her work as a top-notch trainer as well as an accomplished teacher and riding instructor.  

Although I recently moved to the east coast for my job, my daughter grew up with Carole's children and over the years while attending countless horse shows and events I have admired Carole's professionalism, integrity, reliability and honesty which are admirable characteristics in any business or profession.

Carole's students ranged from small children through adults and as well as being an expert rider she has great communication skills that enabled her students to grow and excel in a positive learning environment.  Carole consistently demonstrated a professional and patient demeanor with her students no matter their age, which resulted in winning as well as having fun, both of which are of equal importance in my opinion.

-Pat Ryan

Intelligent, knowledgeable, and an expert when it comes to horses.  If there is something that she doesn’t know she will find the answer and let you know. Her enthusiasm and knowledge about horse’s spills on to the way she teaches and she is passionate about teaching the correct way around horses.

I have been riding horses for a long time and I thought that I was an experienced rider until I met Carole. Since I have been taking riding lessons from Carole I am becoming a balanced rider.  I’ve been taking lessons from Carole for almost 2 years and I am focused and I am a stronger rider because of what Carole is teaching me.

Carole helped me find my horse.  We looked for about 3 months and with her knowledge about horses we found the perfect horse for me. She pointed out conformation, movement and temperament about the horses that we looked at.  She shared things about horses that I never knew or thought about.  

-Marylee Meyer