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Lessons and Training

LESSONS - Winchester Farms Equestrian offers lessons to riders of all ages and skill levels. Whether you are a beginner, needing to start with the basics, or the advanced rider, wanting to compete in the show ring, we have a program for you. We value your input, suggestions on what you would like to learn and excel in is always welcome. We have safe lesson horses for your use, or if you own your own horse we welcome you to trailer your horse in.

Because safety is of the utmost importance beginner lessons are always private, each student gets 100% of the instructors attention. These lessons will include all aspects of horsemanship and riding. Beginners will start out learning how to brush the horse, clean his feet, saddle, bridle and much more. Until the rider is balanced in the saddle and understands, stopping, starting , turning, and basic riding skills, the rider will be attached to the instructor via a long line.

 Lessons - $55.00 per hour
Discount monthly package available, 4 or more lessons paid in advance on the 1st will receive a $5 dollar discount for each lesson.

TRAINING - Winchester Farms offers training for horse and rider and will be specific to each of their individual goals and needs and includes; training rides, lessons, and boarding. Your horse will be comfy  in a 3 sided open front stall that is 12 x 24 rubber matted with auto waterers. Stalls are cleaned once a day and horses are fed twice a day. Turn out in group pasture, blanketing, and supplements provided by horses owner will be included. 

Training and Board - $800.00

Below is a list of riding attire and safety rules that will help you get the most from your lessons. We are dedicated to making your riding experience both safe and fun!
  • Helmets are required. Safety is the top priority in our riding lessons and students must wear a helmet at all times while on a horse. If you have your own ASTM approved riding helmet, please bring it. If not, we have approved helmets for students to use during lessons.  If you choose to purchase a helmet prior to taking lessons, be sure that it fits securely.


  • Boots with at least a 1" heel are preferred. Please do not wear tennis shoes, hiking boots or sandals! If you do not have appropriate riding boots, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you with recommendations on where to purchase them.


  • Long pants or breeches are suggested for riding. Riding attire should be well fitted and jewelry should be removed before riding, this will help with a safe positive riding experience.

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